Mark Geiger : agile tester - developer

Five plus years experience in heavy lifting, fast pace, continuous integration testing, resulting in minimal impact on production servers and clients. Over ten years experience in high quality web development and programming.
Mark Geiger integration test engineer

Agile Tester

As a continuous integration automation test engineer I have developed test systems with frameworks such as selenium webdriver with ruby bindings, python bindings, cucumber, fitnesse, Xebium and jenkins to cover complex and enterprise level applications. I have implemented the latest quality assurance methodologies and tools to effectively cover fast pace high volume continuous integration..

Web Development

I have studied web development and database logic since 2001 and I have worked fulltime as an IT Technician since the beginning of 2006. I have worked on a range of web sites, from personal websites, small business websites, e-commerce web sites, all the way up to enterprise web sites. I have completed work in all aspects of Internet services, including AWS services, domain, DNS, and hosting management.

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