Mark Geiger | Developer | Automation Consultant

Mark Geiger


Automation Frameworks Engineered to meet Your Requirements!

Automation, Frameworks and Tools

I manage enterprise level acceptance suites in a high stress environment using custom frameworks based on Selenium.

I use JIRA to manage workflow, Bitbucket to version code and Bamboo to run scheduled builds nightly that execute over 24,000 assertions.

I set up custom frameworks to run automated test suites and regress critical applications and deployments using the following frameworks:

Development, Frameworks & Ecommerce

I have studied web development and database logic since 2001 and have worked full time as an IT Technician since the beginning of 2006. I have worked on a range of web sites from personal, small business, e-commerce, all the way up to enterprise level.

I have experience with and have developed custom, commerce and critical applications using the following frameworks:

Training, Individuals And Consulting Groups

I have established processes and applications to assist and train employees and consultant groups, who are new to automation, successfully, to regress products and critical applications using automation.